Minecraft Xbox 360 Easter Eggs

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minecraft xbox 360 easter eggs

Easter eggs are a mainstay in the world of gaming, and the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft is no exception. Here are some of the best Easter eggs to be found in the game.

The first Easter egg is a reference to the popular game Halo. If you go to one of the beaches and look out at the horizon, you will see a large structure that looks very similar to Halo’s signature ring world.

Another Easter egg can be found in the game’s achievements. If you look at the achievement for “The End,” you will notice that it is actually a picture of an Enderman, one of the game’s hostile mobs.

Finally, there is an Easter egg that can be found in the game’s code. If you go to the game’s files and look at the line that says “play-minecraft,” you will see that it has been commented out. This is a reference to a popular YouTube video by user ThatOneVideoGamer, which showed how to get around the game’s blocky graphics by editing the game’s code.

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