How To Make A Lead In Minecraft

In Minecraft, lead is a relatively rare item that can be used to create a leash. To make a lead, you will need 3 strings and 1 slimeball. First, start by crafting a slimeball. To do this, combine 4 blocks of green slime in a crafting table. Next, turn the slimeball into a lead by combining it with the 3 strings in a crafting table. Once you have the lead, you can use it to leash mobs or players. Simply click on the lead and then click on the mob or player you want to leash. The lead will then appear attached to them. You can also use the lead to attach mobs or players to fences. To do this, simply place the lead on the ground and right-click on the fence. The lead will then appear attached to the fence. Leads are a great way to keep mobs or players under control in Minecraft.

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