Xbox 360 Version of Minecraft Gets an Early Look at Endermen


Minecraft developer 4J Studios recently released a set of screenshots for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – 1.8.2. In addition to a slew of new creatures, these shots show a cluster of Endermen walking away with blocks until the player makes the lethal mistake to look at one of them (Endermen are neutral until looked at or provoked). Players are also shown a sheep avatar that apparently gets sheared.

In the second shot we see a Silverfish, which is a mob that hides in regular stone, cobblestone and stone blocks and will come out and attack any player who destroys their hiding spots. In the last picture we see a Cave spider which is the color blue and a bit smaller than a normal spider. Don’t let its size fool you because these creatures are much deadlier than their regular cousin. Beware of mineshafts as this is where they are usually found.

The screenshots also show us the hunger bar next to the health bar, which is new as this version adds the hunger aspect to the game. Though there was speculation, however, there will be no Enchanting mechanic in 1.8.2. Perhaps we will see that in a later version.

As we reported earlier in the week there is still no official release date set for version 1.8.2. We will keep you up to date if anything changes! What are your favourite additions in this version. Is there anything missing that you would find helpful or entertaining? Let us know in the comments!



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