Village Wars In Minecraft

I think villagers should be able to go to war. A dream for many Minecraft players is for non-player character artificial intelligence. We have been given villages and villagers, but they don’t do really anything yet. They feel as lifeless and static as the world that surrounds them (in that, the only thing that really changes the world is the player). The prospects of NPC AI are enough to make one salivate all over their keyboard. Think about it: a village in Minecraft that is built by villagers, who collect their own resources to protect and expand their lands. And more, the players themselves would be able to interact with these villagers!


Let me paint you a little picture to illustrate how awesome this would be: imagine you have just climbed a mountain and are overlooking a valley below. There is an unusual uniformity in the unordered squiggles of nature. You have found a village! You rush down to the village and crack an ankle on a cliff. You recover after eating a lambchop and continue your sprint to your new life. You make contact with the villagers. They tell you that they will be friends with you if you give them materials. Two weeks game time later, your 50X50 strip-mine to bedrock has propelled your village into the industrial age. Now imagine that as you expand your borders, you find a new village. The villagers happen do not like each other. It is war with the other village! And the best part is, the other village is being helped by another player.

This is what Lego could never give us. NPC AI is the ultimate specialty piece.

I recently brought up this idea to a few of my good friends, and we had a long conversation on the matter. The general theme of the conversation was that we were are eager for the addition of Village AI. They want to be able to interact with the villagers and help them build their villages. Someone one wants to be able to put the villagers to work and create their own sweat shop. This could be an interesting mechanic, and it would allow Minecraft to teach kids about worker mistreatment across the world.

What scared me is that it’s been rumored that Jeb and Dinnerbone are not actually interested in implementing this as a game mechanic. Now, something like this is totally mod territory, and can be implemented by the players (Mojang: release the MOD API!!!) in fact, it’s already been done to some extent

But I want more than just building. I want interaction. I want territory wars that spill into npc driven pvp battles. Someone: make village wars happen!



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