Too Many Items Mod

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13 Responses

    • itis in your minecraft inbok but you need th buy the accont like inecraft beta 1.8

      • mig man says:

        Iam a total noob in downloading mods, i tried downloading too many items mod but how do you actually access it while your in the game. plse reply back.

      • mig man says:

        what button do i press to open the too many items inventory mod

        • Al says:

          open up your inventory and the press “O” (like the letter “oh”) i think. thats what the tutorial said but i don’t have this mod yet

    • minecraft miner says:

      u download it where it says download to many items mod and put ur name and eamail adress

  1. I hope I have the mod to many items.

  2. Sean Cahalin says:

    it said it emailed the download attachment to me, and that was yesterday, I still never got it!

  3. Zach Thomas says:

    me too

  4. every single mod I try to get it NEVER works.So I'm hoping this works.

  5. Jacob Brand says:

    ya I tryed to download it but it does not send me the emial what do I do.

  1. February 8, 2012

    […] that now apples are much more common. This makes receiving golden apples feasible, without using Too Many Items (which everybody […]