Minecraft Plans To Release New Sky Dimension

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39 Responses

  1. Ghostdude12 says:

    Im AMAZED by this 😀

  2. AyoDJ says:

    It would be rad if Notch added a kind of ruins to it, and the ruins would have new blocks that have special abilities, like a block of Sky Metal or something that can be smelted like iron and used for tools and armor.

  3. Lukus says:

    what if notch adds like a new mob like souls to the new dimention

  4. Caleb says:

    Looks like the Anther Mod.

  5. taylor says:

    Its just adding the Aether Mod into the actual game… something he should have done a looooooooong time ago.

  6. ChrisHex says:

    and also add new minerals like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, and add blue flowers.

  7. VelociraptorChap says:

    I would really enjoy having this sky world thing. Maybe It’d be possible to do something like add a mob opposite to the Enderdragon and fly around by putting a saddle on it. Who knows?

  8. Revan says:

    I think this would be amazing. Also I wonder if hes going to put Herobrine in>

  9. bla says:

    notch should make a portal to get there with dongeons and dragons and new mobs like evil angels

  10. Larry Esayev says:

    I think he should just copy the aether mod into it vanilla.

    • Erik Harding says:

      One respectable thing about notch is that he hasn't done that with any mods and will probably never do it. i support him in this because it means that every line of code in minecraft is purely notch.

    • Brittain Porter says:

      Erik Harding Actually he added smooth lighting, based of Mr. Messiah's mod, and the pistons mod.

    • Erik Harding says:

      Brittain Porter he didn't just copy and paste them into minecraft, my point is he makes everything himself not using other people's work

    • Larry Esayev says:

      Erik i understand what you mean and i totally respect it. i was more implying that he should take more ideas from the aether rather than just making a world with random islands and not much else. i do like the sky world idea but thinking that it would be as dull as portrayed makes me a little skeptical

    • Brittain Porter says:

      Erik Harding Touché but he has added things based off of other mods before, so if he made the sky dimension *like* the aether, that would be nice.

    • Erik Harding , Isn't Jeb doing the AI changes to zombies and villagers?

    • Erik Harding says:

      Robert Carson really? i had no idea, but that is still different than using a mod already in vanilla minecraft

    • Jerry Maurer says:

      Erik Harding, i get where you are coming from, but still, or he should at least higher the guy who made the aether mod so he could put it in vanilla

  11. Ryan Spencer McKeown says:

    truley I would like new mobs and blocks that would really add a new aspect…

  12. Trent Suncloud says:

    Add my little pony lol

  13. Rebekah Shamblin says:

    looks cool but whenever I like am playing and I don't go far enough I can see down until I move further it looks like the Nether.

  14. Derick Kitner says:


  15. Kevin Smith-Loves Tanya Romano says:

    Aether mod. End of story.

  16. Jerry Maurer says:

    It should be like the Aether as much as possible.

  17. Hunter Bader says:

    add the better mod with it. Hook those mod makers up man

  18. Paige Metz says:

    I think emerald would be cool…. or green aether-stone :)

  19. Jack Peters says:

    you should DEFFINATLY have some sort of flying mob in it….i think a peaceful flying mob would be a great touch!

  20. Richard Presley says:

    he should but a layer of cloud so that when you fsll you wont die but if you don't get out soon you will sink threw the claud and die.

  21. Connor Ellis says:

    This is just a map!

  22. Jr Wells says:

    I think the aether mod should mbe added to all minecraft in the next update.

  23. Jr Wells says:

    and add the mobs in it dragon and all the dungeons like bronze dungeon silver dungeon and gold dungeon.

  24. Jr Wells says:

    me will like if you do add it in the next update PLEASE I LOVE IT.

  25. Jr Wells says:

    llike my comment if you want notch to add THE NEW PLACE!