Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Getting Adventure Update, Pistons

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Schumacher says:

    my opinon on minecraft:

    Xbox360: the xbox360 version is for people who enjoy having less land instead of a huge clump from the PC version. plus in this version their’s at lot more excitment due to you no longer need a keyboard you could just use the controller

    Pc: unless your the people who enjoy the big clump and such you’d have to get this.

    i personally prefer the PC because:

    1. i have no xbox360 or whatever

    2. since xbox360 version just came out. i want to learn more about it

    • Michael Schumacher says:

      one more thing

      3. xbox 360 is alot more harder because my friend has an xbox and it took me an hour just to move around in the game XD

      • lozzy G says:

        yeah yeah 1 hour i really like xbox version as it has loads of cool stuff on and the graphics are better but either way X I LOVE MINECRAFT X

        ps can you mod on minecraft xbox 360 edition

  2. Chance says:

    i want creative mode now that this update patches the duplacation glitch