Minecraft Xbox 360 – New Easter Eggs Planned for Tutorial

We all know that Minecraft is so huge and full of secrets that you could literally spend years in Tutorial World before needing to head to other areas to see new things. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. There are tons of fun Easter Eggs to find, but they won’t be there forever. In the coming months 4J is planning to replace many of the original secrets in the next Minecraft Xbox 360 update, which is said to be their most ambitious.

tutorial world minecraft easter eggsThis week 4J tweeted “Yes, we’re going to remove all the current tutorial level secrets and add new ones for the 1.8.2 release,”. As of today there is no word of the official release date, so you will have to wait with the rest of the world until the 1.8.2 update finally arrives.

IF you haven’t found all of the hidden Easter eggs now is the time. These next few weeks will be the final time you can find many of these secrets. Below are some of the biggest secrets. Which ones have you found?

  • Cobblestone Bridge Generator
  • Ladder to the Ocean
  • Undersea Tunnel – contains a pile of glowstone, a full diamond tool set, and diamond armor. This Easter egg is easier spotted from above.
  • Secret Village
  • Lighthouse made of Netherrack (in aforementioned secret village)
  • Diamond Ore on the X.
  • Hidden Portal to the Nether – this is activated by 2 hidden levers. The only hint we will give you is to look for letters.
  • Cobblestone stairwell which is rather sinister looking (think Silent Hill). Below is a monster spawner which will be unavailable once they add the XP system.

Have you found all the Easter Eggs in Tutorial World? Do you have any good ones you want to share? Let us know!




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