Minecraft Server Hosting

We are excited to announce partnership with one of the best game server providers on the planet. With this partnership we are able to get you dirt cheap Minecraft Server Hosting with amazing ping and uptime.

Setting up a Minecraft Server on your own computer is slow and lags. Now you can easily get your very own Minecraft server hosting space and run your own Minecraft Server with your friends without worrying about the lag.

Minecraft server features that can’t be beat:

  • Guaranteed the highest performance.
  • Pure InterNAP bandwidth, which provides the lowest and most reliable latencies.
  • Top-end Intel hardware, which provides the highest performance per core
  • Intel SSDs to minimize write delays
  • Automated systems with daily usage-based load-balancing between machines;
  • Instant server setups.
  • All servers are on their own IP and use the default port.
  • Excellent Control panel and tools.
  • Free, full FTP access, for starters.
  • Streaming console access right through our control panel.
  • Autoinstallers for popular plugins.
  • Save points made hourly that can be effortlessly restored.
  • An easy world import/export function.
  • Automatic backups, automatic logfile pruning, and automatic daily restarts when the server is empty.
  • Multiple user support. Donation (coffer) support for multiple people to pay for a single server.
  • and much more…

Order Your Own Minecraft Server Now