Minecraft Portal Plugin

With the World Portal (version 0.23) Minecraft portal plugin you can make portals using pressure plates, signs, buttons etc. Players can then use these portals to transport themselves to other locations or even other worlds. This is an incredibly simple yet useful tool, especially when you have a larger server as it enables players to easily get around.

World Portal Features

  • Create portals easily by using one command
  • Teleport to other areas or worlds using buttons, pressure plates ans signs
  • Portal break protections
  • Generate new worlds
  • Makes chunks load when players teleport
  • Permissions support
  • Multi-world support

Upcoming World Portal Features

  • Payment system for portals so a user will have to pay a certain amount to use a portal (this can be optional per portal or for all on your server)
  • The ability to mark a certain place and name it for easy linking and remembering
  • Easy linking between two specific portals
  • Optional delay in portals; for example a 4 second delay before teleportation
  • Commands to generate a new world
  • Possible option for mobs to use portals to teleport, using for example pressure plates.
  • Make portals out of detector rails so a player can teleport while riding a minecart
  • Optional way to show message in the area where a player is being teleported to show that they joined that world

To Download & Install

You can download the plugin by using the link found here http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/world-portal/ at the top right corner. Using the official download is recommended as it is the only one that can be guaranteed by Bukkit to be reliable.


  1. Download the World Portal plugin
  2. Add WorldPortal.jar files and the folder labeled ‘World Portal’ from the zip file to the plugin folder on your server.
  3. Add permissions line if you have tat system.
  4. Restart your server and start making portals!



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