Minecraft Poop Seed – It Is Better Than You Think!

Yeah you read that right. There really is a Minecraft poop seed. Now when thinking about a poop seed one might be led to believe that the poop code you type in might havoc some not so pleasant results. That is however not the case. The poop seed for Minecraft instead gives you one diamond, gold and some other cool items. Following is a brief overview of how to use the Minecraft poop seed to get the diamond.

minecraft poop seed

First create a new world in single player mode and go into more world options. When in the more world options you need to set the flat land option to “yes” and the seed option to “poop” and then click “create new world”.

After doing that you will be dropped into some flat land like seen below.

Minecraft flat land

From here you want to walk towards the village seen from the distance. When you reach the village you will want to enter the chest house. Inside of the chest house looks like the below screen shot.

Minecraft Chest House

Once in the chest house, look inside the chest.

Minecraft Chest

Take advantage of all the cool stuff in this chest. There are lots of things like iron pants, an apple, iron ingots, bread, saplings and an iron chest plate.

Poop seed items

After you grab a hold of these items, continue onto the next chest house and when in that house you want to open up the chest in that house. You get even more items here.

Minecraft poop seed items

After you grab all of these items go onto the 3rd chest house. Now this is where you get the real surprise. Do you see what is in this chest? Yep you get a diamond. Who would have thought that a Minecraft Poop Seed would end up getting you a diamond?

3rd Chest house chest

Okay now that you got your diamond and other cool items in this chest, move onto the 4th chest house for even more surprises. Look what you get in the 4th chest. Yep that is gold you see.

Minecraft poop seed gives you gold

Would you have though that a poop seed would get you Diamonds and Gold? Yeah we know it is kind of obnoxious but a little funny too. Are you going to go try out this Minecraft poop seed trick now?





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