Minecraft PC Snapshot shows added Wither Mobs and Much More

While Mojang is still working on the official 1.4 Minecraft PC version, and they have stated that the game will be ready by October 31st for Halloween, today they released telling snapshots of the game. As fitting with its release date, the snapshots show tons of frightening monsters, the ability to use mob’s heads as masks Silence of the Lambs style, and much more.


As of this afternoon you can download snapshot 12w36a, though it isn’t recommended for newbie players. Inexperienced players run the risk of making costly mistakes that could corrupt your well-crafted worlds.


Snapshot Highlights;


  • Skeletons spawn in the Nether
  • Additional Nether Star Item Available
  • Wither Boss can be summoned by putting four pieces of soulsand in the shape of a T and then putting tree Wither Skeleton Skulls on the top.
  • Wither Skeletons also drop coal and bones
  • You can now display decorative mob head blocks
  • Beacon Block may be crafted now by taking a Nether Star and surrounding it with five blocks of glass on three blocks of obsidian.
  • Pigs may now be controlled via a carrot on a stick-type construction made from a fishing rod and carrot.


In addition to these cool features and many more there will be various bug fixes.



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