Minecraft OptiFine Mod

Even though Minecraft is a graphically simple game, it still renders a large amount of space at once when you take it into account it’s not only rendering the world you see, but the world underneath the surface as well. For some players, they may have performance issues if they are using an older computer.

Minecraft OptiFine Mod
The OptiFine modification, or mod for Minecraft is designed to give you a performance increase when you use it.

The top feature of this mod is that it doubles the frames-per-second, or FPS, of Minecraft. When Minecraft looks and plays choppy or slow, this is due to your FPS being low. With OptiFine doubling your FPS, even a choppy Minecraft experience can turn into a smooth one. OptiFine also decreases the mechanic known as lag spikes. Lag spikes are periods during the game where your FPS will rapidly drop and then return to normal; in the game, this is represented by the game freezing for half a second and can lead to your character’s death. With OptiFine, lag spikes are a thing of the past.

OptiFine adds new graphical features to those playing on the Tiny and Short distance settings, such as the moon, sun and stars. Normally, these features are disabled for performance issues, but OptiFine reworks them so that players using the lesser graphical settings can enjoy them.

However, OptiFine is not just for players with poor computers; it offers many features for gamers with high-end computers as well. OptiFine includes new graphics for water, not only making the water look more clear and life-like but making it easier to see underwater when your character is swimming. In addition, OptiFine includes better grass and snow textures along with options for better fog.

OptiFine includes new Mipmap settings, allowing you to set a visual effect that makes objects in the distance look smoother instead of a pixellated mess. No longer will you have to wonder whether it is a tree or a Creeper in the background and you can plan accordingly. To help you toggle the new settings like Mipmap, OptiFine includes many new Options menu settings, with multiple settings for each visual effect, allowing you to tweak Minecraft in a way like you’ve never done before.

OptiFine is a must-have mod for any Minecraft player. It helps boost performance on lower-end computers while giving players with high-end computers new graphical options to make their game look better than before. Once you’ve tried OptiFine, you’ll wonder how you were able to play without it.

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