Minecraft Multiplayer Maps

Minecraft community websites offer hundreds of free downloads, including Minecraft multiplayer maps. Many of these maps are ideal for playing in survival mode, whether solo or with a team, while other maps cater to those who prefer exploring in adventure mode.

For example, Grandma’s Survival challenge has been rated by 26 users on Minecraft Workbench. The author describes it for one to ten players who play survival mode. The main area is an arena where teams attempt to defeat the spawned enemies. There is also an explorable environment outside of the main arena.

Minecraft Multiplayer Maps

Grandma’s xPvP is also a highly rated Minecraft multiplayer map and features elevated levels using brick-colored and invisible blocks. This map pits up to ten users against one another in survival mode. The author suggests that teams should use equal numbers of players to keep play balanced.

Mistral City (YOGSCAST) Phase 8 is a complex map that sometimes emulates a medieval fortress city with stone blocks and turrets. At other times, it has the appearance of a modern city with many pools and water features. This large map was created by, and is still maintained, by a group known as YOGSCAST, a trio of gamers who have created a background story about the residents and history of Mistral City.

Finally, the Kingdom of Eos is another popular and complex map. It features a relatively realistic terrain with multiple buildings. Players can climb long ramps to the Eos tower, which features many different, domed structures. This map is available from Planet Minecraft.



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10 Responses

  1. Cameron Newkirk says:

    I downloaded it and dyed in 5 secs from a creeper.

  2. Zach Thomas says:

    I hate creepers.

  3. Timothy Banaga says:

    creepers are the worst.

  4. Timothy Banaga says:

    good thing I got a semi good house to defend myself and alot of things to have even a crap load of torches all over the house so no monsters spawn at it. Hehe! try andget me now monsters!

  5. Daniel Chichliannikov says:

    Lol, creepers are only good for TNT…but when you get close to them…

  6. Jack Fearless Downs says:

    I like this map.
    gonna play it with my friends.

  7. Word…
    Its a good map and the creeper are LAWL when they blow up.

  8. Alex Kim says:

    Its mad fun… my friend and i have been playing it for the past 4 hours

  9. Strange Person says:

    how do u download????

  10. Ben says:

    this is a cool map!!!!!!