Minecraft Multiplayer Maps

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10 Responses

  1. Cameron Newkirk says:

    I downloaded it and dyed in 5 secs from a creeper.

  2. Zach Thomas says:

    I hate creepers.

  3. Timothy Banaga says:

    creepers are the worst.

  4. Timothy Banaga says:

    good thing I got a semi good house to defend myself and alot of things to have even a crap load of torches all over the house so no monsters spawn at it. Hehe! try andget me now monsters!

  5. Daniel Chichliannikov says:

    Lol, creepers are only good for TNT…but when you get close to them…

  6. Jack Fearless Downs says:

    I like this map.
    gonna play it with my friends.

  7. Word…
    Its a good map and the creeper are LAWL when they blow up.

  8. Alex Kim says:

    Its mad fun… my friend and i have been playing it for the past 4 hours

  9. Strange Person says:

    how do u download????

  10. Ben says:

    this is a cool map!!!!!!