Minecraft Lego Micro World Set!

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15 Responses

  1. Theo Jaquenoud says:

    Cool! my two favorite games put together 😛

  2. Jerrica LovesPenguins Passmore says:

    Do want

  3. Josh Lilpopo Short says:

    I want it.

  4. Ethan Andrus says:

    not a huge fan of legos, but I love minecraft so I must have it!

  5. Jerry Maurer says:


  6. Trevor Smith says:

    Its about time they made a lego version on minecraft!

  7. Dylan Daniels says:

    ive waited for this day since I started playing minecraft.

  8. Reece Garman says:

    like a boss they make legos :3.

  9. Sean Kneeland says:

    me gusta

  10. Evan Darley says:


  1. March 4, 2012

    […] a Minecraft Lego Set? Yep a real Lego set you can build with your hands. It’s called the Minecraft Lego Micro World Set and you can check it out […]