Minecraft Halo Texture Pack

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12 Responses

  1. julian sparks says:

    looks pretty awesome, but im kinda a noob when it comes to hd texture packs, so if anyone has a patched version, reply to the comment and e-mail it to me. thanks

  2. Natalie Parker says:

    I don't play halo but I can tell this texture pack is good without even getting the texture.

  3. Joshua Brock says:

    I have this and it is awsome.

  4. Tassie Brydson Williams says:

    do you know how to download mods.

  5. its ok it need to be easier to download it wont download on my hp ikdw I had to save the files manually to my file system.

  6. Tielor Dahl says:

    I don't know how to down lode it it says to go to my hotmail but it was not there.

  7. cole says:

    i paly halo but the texter looks kinda stupid