Who Wants Minecraft for Playstation?

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117 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Louis says:

    omg awesome 😀

    • Thai Nguyen says:

      Yeh I think MineCraft should be on the PS3for better graphics and gameplay and since I only have a PS3.Besides why won’t. They just put the game for thePS3 Xbox and the Wii it would be so much better for everybody right?

  2. Brandon Jessen says:

    yes please. very much so.

  3. Wesley Kern says:

    make it for ps3 and 3ds but I don't think it would be good wii.

  4. Storm Cassidy says:

    I love a Minecraft for Playstation!! As it is now, I have to go to my grandparents house to play because I don't have a computer. If it came on playstation, I could play a lot longer a lot more often.

  5. Kevin Hernandez says:

    I do!

  6. Zach VanCamp says:

    I want to see that but I hope its not to expensive.

  7. Michael Stegall says:

    what about psp.

  8. Jordan Kidd says:

    yes add it to playstation 3 please!

  9. Sam Hazen says:

    Xbox FTW!

  10. Dylan Stockert says:

    please add for ps3/psp cuz those two things are my life.

  11. Jared Lewis says:

    yes do it and do it.

  12. Liam Morgan says:

    Please add it to PS3!

  13. Sean Tesch says:

    If this were a reality, would it be easier to create a server?

  14. Cody Oaks says:

    This would be one of the few games I would actually be willing to spend $60 for. However that doesn't mean I want to spend $60.

  15. Logan Griffith says:

    It'd be great. I would greatly appreciate it!

  16. Timothy Wasser says:


  17. Cam Andrews says:

    HELL YES! (please excuse my language).

  18. Kyle Granger says:

    YES I definitely would.

  19. Renato Manuel Perez says:

    That would be great

  20. Mike Ptaszkiewicz says:

    please we would love minecraft for for ps3 we will make tis community a million times better so please.

  21. Jeremy Love says:

    Yes please

  22. Ryan Slovick says:

    I woud want it for the wii only because I don't have a ps3 or xbox.

  23. Jacob Allen Thompson says:


  24. Charlie Rondeau says:

    DO IT. (and let me transfer my stuff from PC) XD.

  25. Aaron Jordalen says:

    no ps3 is ok but it just cant handle the awsomeness of the xbox 360.

    • Liam Morgan says:

      How about we both Xbox and PS3 get it? Win/Win

    • Braxton Meyer says:

      it's not like they are putting an Xbox into the ps3 it's minecraft. (I am commenting on this alot because I care about PS3 and Mincraft).

  26. Ryan Trezise says:

    Come on Mojang. You made such a addictive game. Why not share the addiction with more people. It would be such a grea way to reach new people.

  27. Enrique Gamez says:

    minecraft for ps3 hell. yes.

  28. Ben Nutter says:

    I would love to see them make it for Playstation! 😀

  29. Richard Most says:

    we all need it for ps3!

  30. Shae Strange says:

    Xbox? :3

  31. Ammon Bennett says:

    No, I don't think you should do that. If servers became possible on PSN, what would stop it from crashing or getting hacked? We all know that playstation has terrible firewalls, so why risk it? Think of all the angry fans you would get. No, I don't think Playstation is a possibility.

    • Braxton Meyer says:

      who says we should put it on Xbox for the same reason? Xbox is cool but that doesn't mean microsoft has to get all the exclusives

  32. Ahbrum Rogers says:

    yes pleas minecraft for PS3 but you should have all the mods on the game.
    You should also have all of the texture packs as settings that u can chose same thing with the mods.

  33. Jakub Wy?uda says:

    Probability of Minecraft for PS3 is really low.. CELL programming is hard..

  34. Ryan Bond says:


  35. Emilio Dillon says:


  36. Trace Manns says:

    OH YEAH minecraft is taking the world by storm!

  37. Dennis Tarzan Borror says:

    MineCraft for PS3!

  38. Braxton Meyer says:

    YES I would be so grateful because my computer can barely handle Mineraft and it would be nice to have it on PS3 so I could play it with zero problems.

  39. Darin Venter says:

    please. I have it for the computer but my computer sucks. I WANT IT FOR THE PLAYSTATION 3!

  40. Howard Selden says:


    • Scooter Kelly says:

      Excuse me, hard headed kid [who isn't ready for the internet (much less facebook)], I would like to take a moment go in depth about your comments "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" and "ps3 freaken sucks." First off, I would like to let you know that PS3 and Xbox are basically the same. This being said, we can get a little bit more complicated. Lets start with the Xbox, this fun packed gaming system has Netflix, motion control, exclusive games and avatars… So does PS3, infact,

    • Scooter Kelly says:

      PS3 has blueray, an open world social toy, and Little Big planet, which is ANY GAME IN ONE GAME!!! So… tell me which one is better troll…

    • i have a one word answer for that::: Xbox!!

  41. Howard Selden says:

    minecraft is ausome.

  42. Carter Vincent says:

    playstation sucks. They get free online anyways so why should they deserve to have minecraft on PS3? DOn't!

  43. Dominick Oliver says:


  44. Troy Jennings says:

    HECK yeah I do!

  45. Noah Wade says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes so need it.

  46. Shawn M. Williams says:

    Honestly, I'm sure it'd be closer to the computer version, but to me, nothing will be as good as the computer version.

  47. Minecraft + PS3 = omg I love u Mojang!

  48. Gerardo Arambula says:

    Yes so Sony Play Station users can show thier creativity in Minecraft like they showed everyone in.Little Big Planet

  49. Colin Nuxoll says:

    Yea Please

  50. Christian Moreno says:

    yes OMG yes!

  51. Noah Hudson says:

    Sorry guys I really don't mean to burst your bubble here, but I'm PRETTY sure (not positive) that I heard that Mojang has a contract with just microsoft to make it on the xbox. You see, if they were to release that on the PS3, they'd be violating the contract, and therefore it wouldn't be coming to any platform. sorry guys.

  52. Adam Thornberry says:

    They should make it 4 player for it.

  53. Trenton Sprague says:

    It would be GREATLY appreciated if mojang would do that.

  54. Dante Melendez says:

    For the sake of the world yes….for if this does not happen now that it has been brought up the world will end…..that is all.

  55. Brittany Myers says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! A thousand time yeeeesss!

  56. Michael Pilgrim says:

    I do most defietly.

  57. Charles Elmore says:

    minecraft for ps3

  58. Ricardo Hernandez says:

    …………………………………FK YES O O DO IT GUYS DO IT PUT IT FOR PS3 >>………….. hell xbox get it but we want it more sense minecraft is beast.

  59. Roger Nguyen says:

    U kno u can play minecraft with a ps3 controller

  60. Hunter Bader says:

    Add to ps3 plz!!!!!!!

  61. Holland L Ho says:

    it would be great because the servers would probably be browsable.

  62. Joseph Hatch says:

    add it to everything!

  63. Jack Hufford says:

    Well, if xBox gets Minecraft, then PS3 should get it too. I mean, seriously Mojang make something for EVERYONE like you did with the computer, meaning make it for the PS3. (MAKE IT FOR THE PS3).

  64. Anthony Yoshi Lee says:

    I don't care how exclusive X box is, PS3 deserves a game like Minecraft!

  65. Tom Sterling says:

    add it now!

  66. Christopher Fadling says:

    Add for ps3!

  67. Nathan Lehman says:

    Look I'm sure both Xbox fans and PS fans want it… I know that all my friends that have Xbox's and play minecraft agree it would be best for Mojang to also put it on for PS.

  68. Matt McDonald says:

    I feel like it would ruin the original minecraft experience.

  69. OMG YES BBQ We Wanty It Now 😀

  70. well don't rush notch he doing alot for us and he is doing it for xbox360 meaby he be doing it for ps3 after.

  71. Steven Apuzzo says:

    yes! 11

  72. Jacob Meiners says:

    Add it to Xbox 360 First.

  73. Alejandro Ruvalcaba says:

    hell ya!

  74. g money says:

    please please please put minecraft it would make the whole world happy plus you would get more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Trey says:

    Minecraft for PS3 would be amazing, I could die happy then. Please though make a single player so we can play offline then setup worlds for multiplayer.

  76. Joe P says:

    yes do it. minecraft for ps3 will be great. but it should obviously be just be a play station store game download not a disc. its to simple

  77. David Soto says:

    Mojang!! Please make minecraft for the ps3! My computer hates minecraft and makes it run slow and the only other game console I have is PS3, and Im sure there are A LOT more people with the same problem I have. Please Make Minecraft for ps3!!!! :)

  78. Practically Everyone says:


    (Can’t you just feel the finality in the air?)


    (Again! snicker snicker)

  79. alex says:

    yes yes yes! i want it for ps3 i dont want to pay for xbox live!

  80. Gargar713 says:

    Yes yes yes yes plzzzzzz

  81. Justin says:

    Yes yes yes yes YES!!!!!! Please put it on PS3 Mojang, please put it on PS3!!! I want minecraft on the PS3!!!