Minecraft Elevators Plugin

The Minecraft elevators plugin Lift is a streamlined elevators plugin that offers abstract shape shafts of 16 blockss or less, multi-floor and multi-passenger elevators, Redstone current powered elevators, and configuration free usage. There is no economy, permissions or other hassles, though there is a config option. The Lift plugin is simple, practical and highly effective.

Useful Commands

  • /elev permission – shows current level of permission
  • /elec help – shows you commands
  • /elev create – makes a new lift at your position on the map
  • /elev call “nom” – makes a new floor
  • /elev remove – removes lift at your position
  • /elev up – makes a new UpBlock and you can right click afterward to choose a block
  • /elev extend – This extends nearvy floor with a CallBlock
  • /elev down – Makes a DownBlock and you can right click afterward to choose a block
  • /elev go “floorname” – Makes a link to an existing floor level. You can toggle this via Restone input by right clicking
  • /elev glassremove – takes away all glass blocks on the floor
  • /evev glassdoor – places glass blocks and when a command (/elev finish and disable) is typed a door will be created
  • /elev Redstoneout – Makes a Redstone output
  • /elev finish – finishes current action such as glass door placement
  • /elev info – makes a debug information file

Permissions for this Plugin

  • Elevators.builder – this is the basic permission level where a user is able to set up lifts
  • Elevators.operator – circumvents passwords and other user restrictions and allows you to modify basically everything
  • Elevators.advancedbuilder – This is an advanced level of permission where users are able to protect lifts with user/password lists

Other Important Commands

  • /elev create [password <password>] [users <username1> <username2> <username>] – Makes a new lift at whatever position you’re at, with an optional user and password white list
  • /elev go/direct <floorname> – makes a link to an existing floor which can be toggled to via Restone input



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