Minecraft Cuboid Plugin

A cuboid is an imaginary cube that contains blocks within the gameThe Minecraft cuboid plugin, Quick Cuboid, is perfect if you don’t have WorldEdit and you want a fast, simple way to handle cuboid things. Quick Cuboid is a lightweight, easy to use plugin that offers just what you need and nothing more. It offers up a few modes so you can fill in cuboids with the materials that you want as well as copy, paste, place and rotate cuboid section.


  • Redo and Undo one history level
  • Copy and Paste
  • Rotate 90 degrees
  • Commands are types prior to selecting a specific cuboid or location
  • Operations occur as soon as you have finished marking or selecting
  • All modes are persistent. If you begin marking or selecting again, the cuboid plugin assumes that you wish to do the same action again.

Selections for the Quick Cuboid Plugin

In order to utilize this plugin you must have permission and be holding the blaze rod. You then make your markings or selections by right clicking the blocks.

Partial Selection & Location Marking – Currently ‘paste’ is the one mode that needs a single location and it’s simple to do. You need to right click one single block with the blaze rod/

Full Selection – This mode is needed for almost all opps, except for ‘paste’; to full select right click on a block in the corner with the blaze rod and then right click on the opposite corner. If you make a mistake simple type in /cuboid cancel.

Commands to Use

  • Clipboard Mods-

/cuboid rotate – rotates 90 degrees

  • Change Mode

/cuboid copy – copy mode

/cuboid fill – fill mode (this is the default)

/cuboid paste – paste mode

/cuboid off – this turns off Quick Cuboid

  • History

/cuboid redo – redo the last action

/cuboid undo – undo the last action

  • Others

/cuboid mode – see the mode you are currently using

/cuboid cancel – cancel selection



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