Minecraft Coterie Craft Texture Pack

As the name suggests, the creator of the Coterie Craft texture pack for Minecraft intends for his loyal fan base to help improve upon and make suggestions toward each release of this popular texture pack. According to the creator, the intention for the texture pack is to create a new default set for graphics and make Minecraft look how the creator feels it should have looked from the beginning.
Coterie Craft Texture Pack
In truth, the Coterie Craft texture pack is not a brand new archive of graphics like with other texture packs. In reality, it is a compilation of some of the best texture packs available in the community today; all creators of the respective texture packs have agreed to work on the Coterie Craft texture pack project for Minecraft. The primary components of the Coterie Craft texture pack are the Quandary texture pack by ExtraNoise, the Painterly texture pack by Rhodox and some work by Bonemouse, who created the Isabella texture pack. The updated graphics from these additions include armor, foilage, creature textures and new types of stone.

The Coterie Craft texture pack for Minecraft is in the native setting of 16x, which means that it does not require any additional patching to use it. Some mods in the Coterie Craft texture pack may have difficulty running; however, there is support for these mods if you have difficulty running them. In particular, the specific mods with extensive support include the Wildgrass Mod, the Connected Texture Mod and early versions of the Aether Mod.

The Coterie Craft texture pack project is still under active development and will continue to be as long as the group of texture pack developers still work on their respective projects. Currently, it is compatible with version 1.2.5. of Minecraft, the most recently released version of the game.

Download Coterie Craft Texture Pack

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With the Coterie Craft texture pack, you’re getting three excellent Minecraft mods conveniently wrapped up in one package. If you’re looking for a compilation of the best texture packs out there, Coterie Craft will scratch that itch.

Coterie Craft Texture Pack Review



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