5 Of The Best Minecraft Castle Maps Around

Small towns and other general maps are definitely fun for players to enjoy, but one of the most popular challenges that the Minecraft community likes to take on is creating huge, major projects like buildings. If there is any kind of structure that comes to mind when thinking of huge buildings, a castle would definitely be at the top of the list. This is perhaps best proven by the fact that there are so many maps featuring large castle structures available for download.  Check out some of these Minecraft Castle Maps and let us know what you think.

Holy Castle Map
This grand castle is so large that it needs its own island to properly sit in the world. With incredible detail from the inside and out, the author promises several hidden secrets to discover. For example, there is a Wizard’s Keep to find somewhere within the castle. Another room found in this grand castle includes the grand quarters for the king, which requires using the backdoor past the animal pens.
minecraft castle maps

Warucia Castle
This map is an ordinary world at first glance, but somewhere in the world is a hidden castle that everybody seems to have forgotten about. This castle is known as Warucia Castle, and it is one that soars in the skies and is made up of magic. From the maker of other large structures like Dragon vs Airship and Fantasy Mansion, it is safe to say that Warucia Castle only has quality behind it.
Warucia Castle map

Castle Lividus
This is another significantly large map that is home to another gigantic castle structure. Within this castle are several different areas, which include walls that can be walked on, homes that can be visited and lakes that you can view and swim in. This is more than just a castle; it is a thriving fortress that is well protected from the evils in the rest of the world. Of course, the player may still have his work cut out for him when the monsters spawn within these walls.
castle lividus minecraft map

Epic Minecraft Castle
Though a bit of a generic name, this castle is a popular one due to its simplistic design and emptiness within the walls. This means that it is open for players to create their own personal thriving community within the walls, offering a customized experience for every player who downloads this map.
epic minecraft map

Minecraft Marathon’s MarcWar Castle
The final castle on this list, the Minecraft Marathon MarcWar Castle is named so due to the fact that it was built during the Minecraft Marathon of 2013, which was a charity event held over two days. The castle was the end result of hundreds of Minecraft players building the castle in an attempt to raise money for charity. Even if you were not a part of the marathon, you can partake in the huge achievements that the creators made, both in terms of charity and in terms of making a large castle, by downloading the map for free. This castle comes complete with lava, flags, towers and much more.

These castle maps only scratch the surface of what’s available; once you finish with these, thousands of other maps await you!



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