Minecraft Admin Plugin

The best Minecraft admin plugin is the Mobile Admin v3.2.7 which allows you to deal with certain server properties, plugins and users right from your mobile phone. This Minecraft admin plugin consists of two main parts – a plugin for the server and an Android app client. The server is username and password protected and these are specified in the server properties.

The most current versions

Server – 3.2.4 – this requires client 3.2.3+

Client – 3.2.7 – this requires server 3.2.3

Paid or Free?

To keep in tune with the ultimate spirit of Bukkit’s licensing the free version of this Minecraft Admin plugin supports native Bukkit API calls and commands. The plugin and client are totally free and do not have any annoying advertising.

The paid version of this plugin has it perks, however. It adds real time chat functionality to the server as well as third party support for the plugin which is outside the regular scope of Bukkit’s free support. The best part is that it is also available on SlideMe which is perfect for non-Paypal users or people outside of the US.

Versions Required

  • Android 1.6+
  • Bukkit (Snapshot 1.1-R6)


  1. Extract the zip file for the plugin to your hard drive
  2. Find the Bukkit folder in the newly extracted folder
  3. Copy the following; MobileAdmin.jar to the plugins folder
  4. Then copy MobileAdmin folder including all files inside to the plugins folder as well
  5. Then you need to open ‘plugins/MobileAdmin/Users.config’ and modify the passwords and usernames
  6. If you are using a free client keep in mind that you’ll only be allowed to authenticate it as a user designated as admin. If you don’t want to upgrade and don’t plan to in the future you can delete the other user via the User.config files
  7. If you are using the paid client then you’ll need to configure a secondary server admin via the Users.config file and build your permissions
  8. If necessary, change your server port in ‘plugins/MobileAdmin/MobileAdmin.properties’
  9. Finally you need to restart your server or use the command line option to reload/load the plugin



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