Hunger Games Minecraft Server

I have something big to report on. The HUNGER GAMES!

Most of us have seen the movie or read the books, so we know the concept. 24 kids go into an arena to fight to the death. In this server, it is pretty much that, but on a larger scale. 150 players, 1 winner.

The way it works is you join in advance, with a few minutes to spare. You are in the world you will fight in. You have this time before hand to plan with any team mates you may have, find good places to go, and select your ‘kit’. I’ll get into that later, but you have a selection of kits, and have to type /kit [kitname] to get it. After it starts, you have 2 minutes of immunity, in which you can’t get hurt. This is the best time to get resources and jump down far when you are ready. You can get every ore, except diamond (Or mine obsidian), with the usual restraints. Every now and then the server will state how many people are left, and it says how someone died. An example; “xXN00BXx was sent to the next life courtesy of WWEAdams Iron sword.

A great feature is the force field. At a certain perimeter, you get a message about a force field being nearby, and it won’t go away until you are a fair way away. By running into the force field, you get kicked from the server, it gives a message about hacking, but it really means you got killed by the force field. The great thing I found about this server is the feast. If you survive long enough, the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the feast are broadcast 5 minutes in advance, and it is up to you to get there. The feast is the only place you can reliably get Diamonds, as the ores aren’t available to find. The feast also has diamond armor and weapons, as well as food aplenty. I don’t want to spoil the Feast for you, but its worth a visit.

Hunger Games Minecraft Server         

I have been playing this server with my friends, and we all agree that its one of the best servers out at the moment. It has a skill selection time, with 3 out of a constantly growing number being available. At the moment, the lumberjack, jumper, and fletcher kits are available for free. I’ll go into detail on each kit in their own post, because there are way too many for just one post. I’ll start with those three, and move up and out from there.

The server IP changes, as there are heaps, but its (letter)(number) A list of servers open can be found at

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Thanks, MrFranknsten.

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