How to make a minecraft texture pack

Even though there are thousands of different texture packs for Minecraft, it is entirely possible that none of them really capture the look and feel that you are trying to achieve. Rather than sitting around and waiting for someone else to do it, one option you can take is to take action and make your own Minecraft texture pack. Making a basic pack is easy once you get the hang of it; once you’ve learned the basics, there is no limit to the types of textures you can create.

How to make minecraft textures


Before you can modify the files, you need the right kind of program. Specifically, you’ll need a photo manipulation program capable of handling transparency: Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET or the free-to-use GIMP are all great choices. Unfortunately, regular MS Paint can’t handle the job. In addition, you will also need a file extraction program such as WinRAR.

Get the files

There are several files to modify, but you should start with just one to get a feel for how the process works: terrain.png. All modifiable texture files are found in your .minecraft folder by extracting the contents of minecraft.jar with your file extraction program.

Load the photo editing program

Whatever photo editing program you chose to use, open it up and load the texture file you want to modify. For the purposes of the tutorial, these steps assume you’re modifying terrain.png.

Pick your project

Which texture do you want to modify? Grass is a block you see constantly, so start with that. Change the colors in any manner you want; just be careful not to color outside the lines as this will mess up surrounding blocks. Save the file in your Minecraft folder when you’re done modifying the grass so you can give it a test run and see how your work turned out.

Test the edit

Load Minecraft and load your world. If you’ve done everything correctly, your grass should look much different from when you originally started as all of your color changes will appear in the grass around you.

Keep going

There are thousands of blocks to modify in Minecraft. Now that you’ve learned the basics, you’ll have no problem making your own custom world.



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