Guncraft First Person Shooter Game Looks Like Minecraft

We stumbled upon Guncraft which is a voxel-based first person shooter game which the creators are trying to get funding for on Kickstarter. A few things stood out about this game.

  1. The name has “craft” in it like Minecraft.
  2. The logo and font type they are using for the logo looks very similar as the Minecraft logo.
  3. Characters and construction is cube-based like Minecraft.

guncraft gameWhile it is not hard to understand why game developers take inspiration from Minecraft, we can’t help but feel that some of it may be going a little overboard and taking too much from Minecraft. Especially with the logo, name and block characters. On the other hand, this game is a shooter game with a different concept and will most likely appeal to a different crowd.

From the creators “Guncraft is a first person shooter utilizing voxel (cube-based) based levels and graphics as well as construction elements. We strive for this game to be a mainstream first person shooter experience utilizing all the best features of a voxel, Minecraft-style engine.”

Guncraft will allow you to:

  • Create craters in the ground
  • Blow giant holes in the side of buildings
  • Kill someone by destroying the ground underneath them and dropping them to their untimely doom.

The game will let you build anything with blocks and you can construct what the game calls “Prefabs”. The Prefabs are custom built, full structures created by the player.

What do you guys think of this game? Do you think it is worthy of funding through Kickstarter?

UPDATE 02/25/2012:

The Executive Producer of Guncraft John Getty posted a comment about the game. See the comments section below to read what he has to say.

Guncraft Game Video



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30 Responses

  1. Jerry Maurer says:

    okay now this looks WAY too much like minecraft, and no it doesn't deserve funding.

  2. Jason Colon says:

    lol u do know this is just a parody of the call of duty mw3 trailer… right? cuz this IS actually minecraft…

  3. Isaac Green says:

    wow don't know what to say yes it looks like minecraft maybe it could go somewhere.
    maybe make it so you shoot directly at character, it seems to complicted to blow out the ground under them.

  4. Felipe Saenz says:

    umm semms to me to be a parody of minecraft not a actual game.

  5. Isaac Green says:

    who knows maybe because it looks so much like minecraft it will go somewhere.

  6. Daniel Duran says:

    We must understand that minecraft was inspired off of other games also and wasn't completely original.

  7. Isaac Green says:

    I've always wanted guns in minecraft.

  8. Kevin Stokes says:

    yes taking way to much from minecraft.

  9. Josh Willden says:

    wow they are ripping off MW3 and minecraft.

  10. John Getty says:

    <– Executive Producer of Guncraft. No, this is NOT a Minecraft mod in any way. Also, our game uses higher resolution textures than Minecraft. That is much more apparent in some of our other levels.

    @Nathan (writer of article). We actually didn't intend to make our logo name look like Minecrafts. We went for a block text meets rigid, cool FPS text.

    @Isaac. You don't have to blow holes under people to kill them. You can shoot them with guns lol.

    @everyone. We are not copying Minecraft. We have construction, but we focus more on the strategy of construction rather than the creativity of it. It's not really fair to say we take too much from Minecraft. Would you say Call of Duty took too much from Goldeneye 64 and therefore is a crappy clone? We definitely innovate, which the writer didn't seem to include other than prefabs. We have vehicles, prefabs, unique kill streaks, clan support, and leaderboards. Those aren't common things you see in Minecraft.

    Check out our Kickstarter, read up a little on it, and you'll see we aren't just a Minecraft clone =).

    • Thanks John for stopping by and clarifying. I have updated the post with your comment so others who read it are in the loop too.

    • John Getty says:

      The Minecraft Mine Not a problem =). I'm just happy you wrote about it. Thanks for the article.

    • Jake Dieterle says:

      John Getty , excuse me, but i'd like to say something….1, i would like to say COD did not copy golden eye. they RIPPED OFF MEDAL OF HONOR….and i don't think u copied minecraft, i think ur game just closely resembles the gun mod.

    • John Getty says:

      Jake Dieterle I have to disagree. CoD innovated on top of Medal of Honor. That's besides the point though. The point of that argument was that no game is entirely original. We all copy from something. WoW copied Everquest, CoD copied MoH, Minecraft copied InfiniMiner, Perfect Dark copied Goldeneye, Goldeneye copied Marathon, Marathon copied Doom. It's not fair to call any game a clone just because they somewhat resemble their competition. Just because we have guns, doesn't mean we closely resemble the gun mod. Does the gun mod have matchmaking? Class creation? Vehicles (w/o the use of the vehicle mod)? Kill streaks? Perks? Iron sights? 3D weapons? From what I've seen, it lacks most of those features, maybe all (not 100% sure as I haven't actually played the mod, just seen videos).

      I'm just saying, innovation requires a root in something. That doesn't mean we are a clone. Where the gun mod innovated on Minecraft, we are innovating on both. Our game will be fun, you just gotta try it =).

    • Jake Dieterle says:

      John Getty , u make a good point. thank u for having somewhat of a conversation/debate with me :P. anyway, something must have started the chain of crap that got somewhat copied. Damn i wanna be a game designer….theres too many things i wanna do in life >_<…so are there OTHER games ur producer of???

    • John Getty says:

      Jake Dieterle Halo, WoW, SWTOR, Call of Duty… Just kidding, I wish though. I have no background in producing before EGS. I started the company with my partner in 2009, we worked on one game, Progenitor (a MOBA or DotA game) until late 2011, postponed it, and started working on Guncraft since it is a short term project. Learned a LOT just working with my team and I would say I am of the school of hard knocks ;). It's been a LOT of fun though and quite the experience.

    • Jake Dieterle says:

      nice talkin to ya, John, I hope u do well in ur little gamey makey thingy 😉

    • Jake Dieterle says:

      btw, do u know how to do the penguin emote on facebook chat?????

    • John Getty says:

      Jake Dieterle You too. No idea lol

    • Jake Dieterle says:

      John Getty, lets do this again some time. it gets boring smetimes to be a jake…next time we should talk about how much america (and i suppose the rest of the world) sucks…

  11. Leah Corbett says:

    This looks A LOT like Minecraft. A little too much!

  12. Frank Wills says:

    my main problem is the name. If it has nothing to do with crafting, why add craft to the name? why not gun bricks, or voxel attack squad (even though those are corny names, you get the picture).

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