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Minecraft Portal Plugin

With the World Portal (version 0.23) Minecraft portal plugin you can make portals using pressure plates, signs, buttons etc. Players can then use these portals to transport themselves to other locations or even other...

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Minecraft Elevators Plugin

The Minecraft elevators plugin Lift is a streamlined elevators plugin that offers abstract shape shafts of 16 blockss or less, multi-floor and multi-passenger elevators, Redstone current powered elevators, and configuration free usage. There is...

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Minecraft Currency Plugin

The Minecraft currency plugin WurkIt allows players to earn iConomy money while playing the game. With Wurkit you can set the prices in which to pay players for certain types of blocks they find...

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Minecraft Cuboid Plugin

A cuboid is an imaginary cube that contains blocks within the gameThe Minecraft cuboid plugin, Quick Cuboid, is perfect if you don’t have WorldEdit and you want a fast, simple way to handle cuboid...

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Minecraft Craftbook Plugin

Craftbook for Minecraft is an SMP addon meant to add features such as Minecart enhancements like boosters and stations, Redstone features like programmable logic chips and integrated circuits and mechanisms like gates and bridges...

anti grief plc

Minecraft Anti Grief Plugin

The Minecraft anti-grief or grief prevention plugin does just what it says; it prevents all types of grief including theft, build/break, spam, spawn camping, fire, treetops and lava so you won’t have to rollback....