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Minecart Improvements

There are a couple of things that the minecarts mechanics are missing. With this idea I want to address two of them. Mojang likes things that are used for different things instead of implementing...



I’d love to see spotlights in the game, I don’t think they’d imbalance it too much and it brings more options to players on how to handle their caves or homes. To Craft: a...


Potion of Levitation

What effect would it have? The potion of levitation would allow the player to fly for ~3 min but(!) only at a very very slow speed (this is crucial). If walking on the ground...


Minecart Trains

There have been quite a few suggestions for a revamp of the powered (furnace) minecarts. They really do have the potential to be useful without a ton of changes. Here is my 2 cents...


Village Wars In Minecraft

I think villagers should be able to go to war. A dream for many Minecraft players is for non-player character artificial intelligence. We have been given villages and villagers, but they don’t do really...