BuildCraft Mod For Minecraft – Automates Building

This awesome BuildCraft mod for Minecraft makes it so much easier to build because it automates building, mining and crafting. It also automates item sorting and pipe transport.
buildcraft mod for minecraft
BuildCraft adds things like pipes and quarries, and really makes building way more streamlined. Following are some features you should be aware of with the Minecraft BuildCraft Mod.

  • Pipes – These are one of the most useful and important parts of this mod. Pipes carry, extract and insert items, liquids and power.
  • Engines – You use engines to power the machines in BuildCraft. Engines are useful for mining well or even a quarry.
  • Automatic Mining – This is an awesome feature because the automation gives you time for other things. Keep in mind though that you still need to do some mining before you can get the automatic mining feature.
  • Automatic Building – This is just as it sounds. This feature allows for building to be done automatically.
  • Automatic Crafting Table – This makes it super easy to make things in bulk. If you want to make a lot of something, you will find the automatic crafting table very useful.

The developer of BuildCraft skipped updating it for Minecraft 1.2.4 but did make the updates to BuildCraft for Minecraft 1.2.5. There is a lot to this mod so we are sure this was a pretty big undertaking.

Unlike previous versions of the BuildCraft mod, ModloaderMP is no longer required. Instead it has been ported to use the netcode provided through Forge. Modloader is still required and so is forge.

Keep in mind that there were major changes so with these changes may also present some bugs that were not found in the previous version. If you find bugs please report them to the developer so he can make the fixes.

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