Aether Minecraft Mod

The Minecraft Aether mod adds a new plane to a player’s Minecraft experience. The mods for this game serve the same purpose as the expansions of the commercial MMOs. They provide the player new territory to explore. The Aether mod for Minecraft was developed by same people who developed the Nether mod. The mods are as difference as Heaven and Hell, although the designers have not decided to officially say that they intended the realms to represent either.

aether minecraft mod

The user can expect this mod to take place in a sky realm. One of the first mobs he encounters is a flying pig. The flying pig can take him to various places in the realm, although he may want to tame the Aerwhale for longer journeys. The range of the flying pig is limited.

Players can access the realm through a portal of glowstone. The portal looks like the portal to the Nether realm, but it is activated with a bucket of water. When players reach the area, they will find that they have a full area of a sky to explore. They may even find temples and many other areas.

Aether Minecraft Mod Video

The Aether mod V1.02 requires ModLoader, AudioMod, PlayerAPI, and ShockAhPI r5.1.

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  1. Joseph says:

    WERE CAN I GET IT!!!!!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    And is it for 1.0.0?

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  4. Rattling nice layout and fantastic subject matter, absolutely nothing else we want :D.

  5. howard says:

    how do i get this mod

  6. Loktor says:

    i’d say you can get it from the DL link under the vid? :O

  7. joshua says:

    how do i get this mod?

  8. Caleb Drake says:

    need it

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  10. Noah Wade says:

    FLYING PIGS! I so need that.

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  12. Ethan Owen says:

    ather is hard to install.

  13. parker says:

    this is an amazing mod hunting down that fly for wool is very hard