Get Minecraft Leader of the Pack Achievement

Dogs. They’re man’s best friend, right? This is certainly true in Minecraft, where you can train wolves to be your best buddies, attack unfriendly mobs, or just sit around looking cute.

Exclusive to the Xbox 360 Edition is an achievement called “Leader of the Pack,” which tasks players with taming five wolves. For some players—especially those whose worlds start off with a seemingly unending expanse of desert—this seems like quite a difficult task. However, it’s really not that tough if you know how to go about it.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is build up a respectable collection of bones. Obviously, the best way to accomplish this is to kill as many skeletons as you can, either at night time or in caves. (There is no shortage of these little buggers during the late night hours.)

I would recommend picking up 25-30 bones, just to be on the safe side. Once you have your collection in hand, you’re ready to find some wolves. And, for some, this is the hard part. You see, wolves only spawn in forested environments (Forest or Taiga biomes). I’ve read that they only spawn above a certain height level, but I’ve found several wolves swimming in the ocean or just idly wandering around lower elevation terrain, so I’m not sure if there’s any truth to this.

But finding a forest is actually quite easy; just look for areas densely populated with trees.

As I mentioned earlier, many players—especially in the 360 Edition—are finding their initial spawn point in the middle of a desert. (I’ve started three worlds in the 360 Edition so far, and every one of them spawned me in a desert.) For these players, I would strongly recommend picking up some wool and wood before embarking on this expedition. (At least three blocks of wool, and I’d suggest a full stack of wooden planks.) You see, this allows you, when you finally find a suitable expanse of forest, to build a small wooden house and a bed to set up camp. Since sleeping in a bed changes your spawn location to the bed, this will ensure that once you find a great location, you won’t lose it do to a stray creeper explosion or spider attack.

Now, a quick side note here: Simply terraforming a desert will not work. Even if you manage to grow a forest where once there was a desert (and speaking from experience, this takes ages), the game still recognizes it as a desert biome and will not spawn wolves there.

Once you find your location and set up camp, now you just need to roam around looking for wolves. Try to find areas where there are a lot of sheep, as wolves often attack and kill them. In fact, one telltale sign that wolves are nearby is finding stray wool blocks on the ground. If something is killing sheep and it’s not you, it’s a wolf. Or a pack of wolves.

When you find a wolf, all you need to do is feed it some bones and it will eventually befriend you. (The amount of bones you need to feed a wolf is random, but it’s generally between one and five. According to the Minecraft Wiki, each bone has a one in three chance of taming a wolf.) You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you see hearts appear above the wolf’s head and a red collar appear on its neck. Once you manage to do this five times, you’ll earn the “Leader of the Pack” achievement and increase your Gamerscore by 30.



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  1. Sarath says:

    minecraft is the best servival game I have paleyd, and it’s really cool that you baisicly start in a cave then get to a kingdom etc, become more advanced over time, and I think it would be really good if you could go past that, you know? power and machines, you already have ion and red stone and stuff I think it would be really cool to start off like a cave man and end up with machines and future like stuff etc, go through the ages and time XD well I think it would be cool anyways XD

  2. lozzy G says:

    can you do any mods on minecraft xbox edition cuz ive just got it and i want to gat skin packs and stuff of this site can i save it on a usb then put that in my xbox or something ?? and the same with texture packs

    thanks lauren x